Connect, Support and Thrive in Life Work Transition

Thrive Co-lab for Women Leaders

About Our Community

The Thrive Co-Lab for Women is a dynamic experiential community for women leaders who want to connect with other women leaders as they design "what's next" in their life work.  The community is a co-created space, both a haven and hive -   a safe and dynamic container where women can become vulnerable and try on new ways of being that inspire and inject possibility for themselves in mid-to-late stage careers.

Why You Should Join Us

 Connect with women like you, and cultivate courage, clarity and calm in transition to what's next.  Support women like you and  build connections, not just a network.  Amidst the frustration, anger, boredom and fear, engage with other dynamic women leaders and see how self-transformation evolves from belonging in a safe space.

 A Big Thanks

We're so very grateful to all the women leaders we have interviewed and connected with and those who've shared their story with us. Your stories have given us the inspiration to curate the insights into actionable tips that help women leaders navigate the hallways, between what is no longer and what is not yet.    What we know for sure is that these life work stories are self-transformative and more, inspiring to other women leaders who are on a mission in life work transition.

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